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19 December 1985
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My name is Dennis. i play guitar, read, write, sing, and other things.
affinity, airports, american football, anadivine, anathallo, anberlin, arizona, atlanta braves, batman, beer, before i go, belle river, benton falls, bloodlined calligraphy, bone thugz n harmony, boston college, brandon swanson, brandtson, calling all heroes, canada, cape cod, capulet, carol king, chamberlain, cheese, coffee, combovers, copeland, cursive, dave elkins, david slaga, death cab for cutie, desert city soundtrack, dio, diver, donnie darko, doug, easy e, edna st.vincent millay, edward norton, emo, emotep, ettison clio, evan dando, every time i die, f scott fitzgerald, fata, flint, for the best, fraiser, further seems forever, garth brooks, gatsby's american dream, george w bush, georgia, goodrich hockey, happy hour, hockey, infirmity, jack daniels, jason gleason, jaws, jean claude van damme, jon bunch, joy fielding, kid brother collective, labatt, ladybug transistor, lake huron, lake michigan, law and order, lifetime, mae, martin st.louis, matthew good, mel waiters, midtown, miss elizabeth, molson, nhl 97, nick dominguez, npr, o.j. simpson, oh my god, oscoda, pepsi, politics, radiohead, ready to rumble, reebok's, republican, robert redford, robo cop, san antonio, saosin, saturday supercade, saves the day, sensefield, shadow boxer, shai hulud, spitalfield, street fighter, student rick, tampa bay lightning, tattoo's, texas is the reason, the appleseed cast, the black dahlia murder, the dial, the exit, the format, the french connection, the getup kids, the graduate, the great gatsby, the juliana theroy, the leafs, the postal service, the promise ring, the rockford files, the streets, the watchman, the west wing, the white octave, timecop, toronto, van halen, vega, virginia, wesley willis, whiskey, zao